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10/18/16 – Benton Invitational

The Foxes hot off of their boys win at the Black Diamond Conference headed into Benton knowing it was going to be a tough meet. The Invitational would be similar to what will see at the Sectional, as far as team competition and as far as number of participants goes.

The first race of the day was the Varsity Boy’s race, the boys coming into the race knew that their main competition would be Olney, Nashville, Herrin and Benton. The Foxes took off fast and quickly made it up the first large hill at the Benton Park. Hunter Braden quickly moved up into the top ten and worked on catching READ MORE …




R to L: Raegan Irwin, Trenton Butler, Colin Meade, Matt Rubenacker, Evan  Shelton, Clay Ragan, Alex Soltanipanah, Coach Sam Wilson, Clancy Bond, Hunter Braden, Will Jones, Logan Hunt, Clayton Cross and Dylan Halley.


L to R: Olivia Ragan, Jayda Johnson, Abby Reyling, Raegan Halley, Jade Lemmons, Jasmine Coomes, Kaylee Chapman and Leah Ragan

10/13/2016 – Black Diamond Conference

CHESTER!, not exactly how our team wanted to spend the day of the Black Diamond Conference. The Foxes left for Chester at 1:20 p.m., fresh off of great races at the McLeansboro Invitational, ready to race well in the conference meet. The Lady Foxes were to run at 4:30 p.m. and the boys at 5:15 p.m.

The Lady Foxes were up first and once again the top five were all “healthy” and ready to run. Raegan Halley and Jasmine Coomes both knew they would have to have great races to have a chance to break into the All-Conference team. The All-Conference team consists of the top 5 finishers in both the male and female races. Raegan took off fast READ MORE …



Boys Varsity R to L: Matt Rubenacker, Sam Wilson (Coach), Hunter Braden, Clayton Cross, Alex Soltanipanah, Blake Childers, Clay Ragan, Logan Hunt and Trenton Butler

20161012_181803Boys JV R to L: Sam Wilson (Coach), Dylan Halley, Raegan Irwin, Evan Shelton, Colin Meade, Clancy Bond and Will Jones


Girls Varsity R to L: Kaylee Chapman, Abby Reyling, Jasmine Coomes, Mary Lee, Olivia Ragan, Jade Lemmons, Jayda Johnson, Leah Ragan and Raegan Halley

10/11/2016 – Hamilton County Invitational

Multiple days of prep on a three mile course equates to a lot of miles, about 20 to be exact,  but they were all worth it to see our teams run in front of the home crowd.  A course with so much wooded area makes it tough to keep the course clear of branches and other obstructions. Three runners came out and helped clean up the course on their holiday; Hunter Braden,  Logan Hunt and Matt Rubenacker.  Every little bit of help is immensely appreciated.  Nicholas and Don Burke put up a large tent with the help of Trenton Butler.  We also had help prepping the course from the Mike Lewis and his crew. Jackie Halley and the parents set up and operated a concession stand and did an amazing job. The River to River Runners Club came and timed the three races.  Many of the faculty and administrators as well as tons parents and grandparents, etc. all came out to cheer on the Foxes.  The weather was amazing and the attendance was about 150 runners. All in all it was shaping up to be an amazing day for a race! The JV boys were up first,  varsity girls second and varsity boys third.

The JV race started at 4:00 p.m. with the Foxes entering 6 boys in the race including Varsity running freshman Evan “Evie Lil’ Fox” Shelton. Evan took off and quickly read more …



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10/05/2016 – Harrisburg Invite | Hamilton County Cross Country 

Temperatures started to rise again, but the Foxes were hoping it wouldn’t effect them negatively. The Foxes took 22 runners to the Harrisburg Invitational to compete against multiple single A teams and also AA teams. The course was slightly changed from last year, but all changes seemed to be positive. The order of events were 4:30 Boys Varsity, 5:00 Girls Varsity and 5:30 p.m. Open race.

The Boys varsity team has been doing really well over this year and were looking forward to showing the competition that winning the Carterville Invitational was not a fluke. The Boys race had about 70 runners in it. The race starts out going straight up a long hill, then comes down the hill, then back up the hill for the first mile. As the Foxes came toward the 1 Mile mark, Hunter Braden and Matt Rubenacker were neck to neck READ MORE…

Carterville Invitational

http://hamcocc.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/FB_IMG_1475357024978-550x309.jpgBoys 1st and Girls 3rd at Carterville Invitational 10/01/2016 – Carterville Invitational RAIN RAIN GO AWAY! As we loaded up the bus to head to John A. Logan College the rain came pouring down. The Foxes were hoping it would break before …


Olney Invitational

http://hamcocc.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/14358863_10210254012856568_7111457504735523615_n-1-550x309.jpgRAINY MESS AT OLNEY INVITATIONAL Up in the morning and leaving at 6:30 am with rain pouring down, exactly how you would like to start the day of a large meet. 22 of the 23 runners loaded on the new …


Dave Gray Invitational

http://hamcocc.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/14291697_10210236566020408_5168527435157743344_n-550x309.jpgFOXES TAKE FIRST PLACE AT NORRIS CITY The Foxes received a first place trophy for an outstanding performance by the Foxes. The Foxes went to the Norris City Invitational set on taking home a little bit of hardware. The girls …


West Frankfort Invitational

http://hamcocc.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/WF-Boys-3-550x309.jpgBOYS TAKE 1st – 4th PLACES AT WEST FRANKFORT INVITATIONAL L to R: Hunter Braden (1st), Matt Rubenacker (2nd), Logan Hunt (3rd) and Alex Soltanipanah (4th) (PHOTO BY LORI RUBENACKER) Foxes Cross Country teams competed at the West Frankfort Park today in …


Benton 6+

http://hamcocc.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/20160906_190540-550x413.jpgFoxes Cross Country teams competed at the Benton Park today in the Benton 6+ Meet. The Benton 6+ is named so because it was the Benton 6 with six teams, but over the years it has expanded to between 6 and …



http://hamcocc.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/14203109_10210117495843728_4687214352190396539_n-550x309.jpgL to R: Raegan Halley, Abby Reyling, Jayda Johnson, Mary Lee, Jasmine Coomes, Kaylee Chapman and Leah Ragan L to R: Raegan Irwin, Dylan Halley, Will Jones, Evan Shelton, Alex Soltanipanah, Hunter Braden, Matt Rubenacker, Logan Hunt, Clayton Cross, Trenton …