Regionals at Harrisburg


The Foxes headed to Harrisburg at Southeastern Illinois College for the Regionals on Saturday October the 24th. There was a good chance of rain, but we were hoping it would hold off until after the races. Other than just having the Regionals at SIC, they also had a Marathon / 1/2 Marathon and Marathon Relay going on, which was starting and ending at the College. The Foxes’ teams came into the regionals hoping for a Regional title or at least a top three finish.

The girls took to the start line first at 10 o’clock, the rain started almost exactly when they started, luckily it didn’t rain too much. Leslie Drone took off and immediately got into position for one of the top spots. Shortly behind Leslie was Jasmine Coomes and shortly behind her was Raegan Halley. Right after the two mile mark, Leslie Drone moved in 2nd place spot overall. Leslie would end up finishing in the 3rd place spot with a very good time of 20:14. Jasmine Coomes continued running a great pace and finished in the 6th spot overall with a time of 22:17. Raegan Halley followed shortly behind her with a time of 22:47 in the 11th spot. Kaylee Chapman ran a strong race and finished very well even though she had a hurt ankle and shin. At the 2 mile mark she told me that she couldn’t hardly feel her leg because her compression sleeve was too tight, but she still stuck it out and finished the race. Right behind Kaylee was Schuyler Bailey, Leah Ragan and Jayda Johnson. The Foxes finished in 3rd place behind Herrin and Fairfield. Since the girls finished in the top 7 teams at the regional, they advanced to the Sectional meet next week in Edwardsville.

The Foxes boys team took to the course next at 11:00 a.m. The rain started picking up as soon as the boys started running. Tyler Byars took off and quickly settled into his pace for the first mile of the race in about sixth place and passed the mile mark at just over 5:25, right behind Tyler was Clay Ragan who was at just over 5:30 for the mile. Clay usually starts off a little slower so I was slightly concerned on whether he would be able to keep the pace for the rest of the race, more on that to come. Tyler quickly started passing people and landed in the 2nd place spot overall at about the 1.5 mile mark. Behind Tyler was Clay, Matt, Logan, Chad, Alex and Trenton. It was easily  apparent that Chad Barnard was not feeling so great (he would tell me later he had a horrible side stitch). Since Chad was hurting I was hoping someone would take his spot and put in some extra effort, Alex and Trenton both did. Tyler ended up finishing in the number one spot by about 25 yards over Benton’s Gavin Hartley with a time of 17:20. Clay Ragan ended up keeping up his quick pace, and finished almost a minute quicker than he did when we ran here 2 weeks ago, finishing in 10th place overall. Clay has became a very good runner for our team throughout the course of his first season. Shortly behind Clay was Logan Hunt who finished in 13th place. Logan like Clay has had a tremendous amount of success in his first season as a Foxes Cross Country runner. Logan was followed by Matt Rubenacker. Matt told me he really felt sluggish and just couldn’t go any faster on this day. I believe that he will have a really good race this coming weekend. Alex Soltanipanah and Trenton Butler followed closely after running quite a bit faster this time compared to last time we ran at Harrisburg. The Foxes ended up finishing 3rd place out of 9 teams behind Herrin and Benton. The Foxes really didn’t have a quality race like they had ran in the past few weeks. We are hoping to rebound and get everything to come together before this coming weekend at Edwardsville.

Full results from the regional is located on .

At SIU-Edwardsville next weekend, the Girls run at 10:00a.m. and the Boys will run at 10:45 a.m. with awards at 11:30 a.m. If you have the time you will want to stop by and see the Foxes run in the 21+ team Sectional. Some of the best talent from all over the South will be competing for a chance to go to State in Peoria. Directions to the Edwardsville course are on the Calendar link at the top of the webpage.

*Picture taken by Becky Byars at SIC in Harrisburg 10/24/15.