Black Diamond Conference



Back Row: Clay Ragan, Alex Soltanipanah, Chad Barnard, Tyler Byars, Matt Rubenacker, Logan Hunt, Trenton Butler and Coach Sam Wilson

Front Row: Schuyler Bailey, Raegan Halley, Jayda Johnson, Leslie Drone, Jasmine Coomes, Leah Ragan and Kaylee Chapman

Photo taken by Lori Rubenacker

For the second time in one week, for that matter the second time in 3 days, the Foxes held races on their own course. With a lot of success from Tuesday’s meet, the Foxes were looking forward to having a shot at some hardware at the Black Diamond Conference. The lady Foxes were feeling good and although they were without Maddy Holloman, they were planning on winning. The girls took off and almost effortlessly Leslie Drone moved into her position at the front of the pack. Once she got there, she never left and finished the race in 1st place with a time of 19:45, just a little slower than Tuesday’s meet. Jasmine Coomes improved her time by 7 seconds over Tuesday, finishing in 3rd place and making the All Conference team. Raegan Halley just missed  out by the length of a pony tail of making her first all-conference, she finished in 6th place overall. Kaylee Chapman’s leg was hurting her before the race. When she got ready to run though, it was unnoticeable as she improved her time by almost a minute from Tuesday’s race. Schuyler Bailey and Jayda Johnson also improved their times from Tuesday, Jayda’s time was 2 minutes and 16 seconds faster! The girls team ended up winning the conference and taking home a real nice quality trophy!

The boy’s race was a lot like the girl’s race in the fact that Tyler Byars lead pretty much the entire race and ended  up finishing 1st with a time only a few seconds slower than Tuesday. Matt Rubenacker ended up putting in a late surge to position himself in the All Conference team, narrowly distancing teammate Logan Hunt. Matt improved his time by almost one minute, and Hunt improved his time by two seconds from Tuesday. Clay Ragan felt a little sick but still ran under 18 minutes with a time of 17:55 for fourth place on the team. Chad Barnard, Alex Soltanipanah and Trenton Butler all improved there times as well. The Boys team took home 2 all conference medals and the 1st place trophy as well! The Foxes worked hard and really were clicking on the same page today.

The family and friends of the Foxes really worked hard this week and put on two wonderful races, with great sound, a great concession stand and a great fan base. The meet also had t-shirts provided by Elite Promo Tees, the kids really enjoy the work they do and the customization they provide. Weather was amazing and the park staff was a great help. I couldn’t have asked for a better week of meets.

As a coach, I could not be any happier than I am  right now. My athletes really worked hard and put in a lot of extra effort today. The teams will travel to Benton on Monday and then to Regionals in Harrisburg on next Saturday. The Foxes will have to continue to run well if they want to advance deep into the postseason.