10/01/2016 – Carterville Invite

Carterville Invitational (John A. Logan College) – 10/01/2016




10/01/2016 – Carterville Invitational

RAIN RAIN GO AWAY! As we loaded up the bus to head to John A. Logan College the rain came pouring down. The Foxes were hoping it would break before they were ready to run. The Girls were scheduled to run at 10:00 a.m. and the boys at 10:30 a.m. with the Open Race at 11:00. As we continued on the bus ride it continued storming, but the forecast showed by 9 o’clock it should be clear.  The boys had all 14 of their runners ready to run and the girls had 7 out of 9 of their girls running. Jade Lemmons woke up and felt bad, so she didn’t come to the race and Leah Ragan is still working on nursing an ankle injury that happened at Dolan Lake at Thursday’s practice. While pulling into the Carterville Invitational the rain began to dissipate. At the coaches meeting they informed us there would be no Open Race and that all of the boys would run at one time and the girls would do the same. This seems to be the trend of the year. The girls race was to still start at 10:00 a.m.

The girls race started with the Ladies from Hamilton County starting in box #9. Box # 9 was not a choice box, to say the least.  The box was on the far right hand side of the starting line and the first turn was a right turn. This may not seem like much of an issue, but if the athletes didn’t get a good start they would come to a stand still at the turn. This race had good competition in it with Marion, Carterville, Pinckneyville, Fairfield and others. Raegan Halley took off and headed to the top of the pack quickly moving into the top 10 by the time the first mile had concluded. Raegan Halley ended up puking at one point in the race and finished in the 8th place at the finish. Shortly behind Raegan were Jasmine Coomes and Olivia Ragan who changed leads back and forth for most of the race with Jasmine just edging out Olivia at the end of the race. Jasmine finished in 15th Overall and Olivia was 16th with a PR (Personal Record) for herself. Kaylee Chapman kept showing us that breathing isn’t a requirement to run well, but it does help. She keeps pushing hard and ended up in a solid 22nd place with a 25:21. Jayda Johnson rounded out the top 5 in 36th place followed shortly behind by Abby Reyling in 37th. Mary Lee completed her second race of the season and improved her time by a couple of minutes. The girls had completed the race and hadn’t even hardly got a drop of rain on them. We just needed it to stay off for the boys race and we would be done.

As the boys lined up in Box #9, Hunter Braden said he it was getting hot out. Almost without a hitch it instantly started to slowly rain. As the race director began to explain all the ins and outs of this unique 1 loop course it began to rain more and more, luckily it was not super hard but just a consistent drizzle. The Foxes got out in a decent pace but quite a few of them ended up hitting a stand still at the first turn. The Foxes quickly started getting back into their places and by the end of the 1st mile it was evident that the Foxes were running well and enjoying the rain. Shortly after the mile a runner in front of Alex Soltanipanah fell all the way down one of the downhills, Alex had to quickly dodge the downed runner and continue on. As they came through the shooting complex area of John A. Logan it was Fox after Fox after Fox, with four of them coming through in order. As the Foxes finished the race, Hunter Braden finished first on the Foxes with a 5th place finish, Matt Rubenacker in 6th, Logan Hunt in 7th and Clay Ragan in 8th. Alex Soltanipanah finished fifth on the team with a 16th place finish followed shortly behind by Trenton Butler in 23rd. Evan “Evie Lil’ Fox” Shelton stepped wrong during the race and hurt his foot but still finished 7th on the team with a time of just over 20 minutes. Right behind Evan were Raegan Irwin and Colin Meade both of which were trying hard to crack the top 7 for the team. In order after them were Clayton Cross, Clancy Bond, Will Jones, Dylan Halley and Blake Childers.

After the boys finished it was unclear who the team champions would be, but we knew we were going to be close. We finished the race in first place overall on the boys and third place overall for the girls. Our next meet will be on Wednesday October 5th at Harrisburg at Southeastern Illinois College.