10/22/2016 – Regionals

Class A Regional (West Frankfort Park) – 10/22/2016




10/22/2016 – Regionals (West Frankfort Park)

The Foxes girls came into the regional hoping to pull an upset and beat Carmi with an exceptional race by everyone. The race started off and everyone was moving into proper position to make it happen. Raegan Halley took off and led the Foxes. Raegan had a rough race in that she didn’t feel well and that she had a side stitch. Raegan never gets side stitches so this was tough for her to prosper through, but she still worked hard and stayed in the top of the finishers for the race, finishing in 21:29 (11th Place). Jasmine Coomes wearing her coaches watch again had another successful race finishing in 9th place and first place on the team with a 20:59. Olivia Ragan finished right behind Raegan Halley with a 21:30 (12th place) and Kaylee Chapman finished in 16th with a 21:55. Rounding out the top five for the girls was Jade Lemmons who ran a 22:31. Jayda Johnson finished in 35th place with a time of 25:17 and Abby Reyling finished with a time of 25:23 finishing in 37th place. There was only 1:32 between the first place of the Foxes and the 5th place. This is a great 1 to 5 time and has been getting smaller and smaller every meet. There were a ton of standout performances and all girls did phenomenal in the race but they came up just short of the Regional Champion Carmi Bulldogs. The girls team is a very young team with a lot of potential for the future. The girls have advanced on to the Sectional race, which will be held at Edwardsville on the 29th of October.

The boys who were fresh off a huge win at the Benton Invitational at the beginning of the week were looking forward to bringing home their first regional title in the last few years. The boys knew that they would have to have an excellent race by ALL of the boys to be able to beat Benton. The boys took off and quickly got into proper placement to compete for the title. Hunter Braden took off fast trying to keep up with Benton’s number one runner. Hunter is a heck of a competitor and also a little inexperienced in competition with this being his first year of cross country. Going out after the front runner was a gutsy move but ended up leaving him out of gas as it came towards the finish of the race. Hunter still held on and brought a 5th place finish as the second runner of the Foxes which placed him on the all-regional team. He finished in 5th place overall with a time of 16:40. Logan Hunt turned in another exceptional race and ended up finishing with fast kick to pull 3rd place overall and 1st on the Foxes. Logan finished ahead of Benton’s number three runner but the official gave him fourth place because Benton’s runner moved in front of him in the chute. This eventually got sorted out and he ended up with his actual third place in a time of 16:35. The Foxes # 3 runner was Matt Rubenacker who consistently moved up throughout the race and finished right behind Hunter Braden 6th overall with a time of 16:41. The surprise and biggest turn up of the day was Senior Alex Soltanipanah.  Alex has consistently been our 5th runner for the team and typically about a minute and a half behind the front runner for the Foxes but over the past few weeks he has really started moving up and finished this race with a stellar display finishing only 15 seconds behind the #1 for the Foxes finishing 9th overall with a time of 16:51. He ran his heart out and was focused on accomplishing the goal of winning a regional title, I couldn’t have asked for a better effort by Alex. Clay Ragan rounded out the Foxes top 5 finishing with a time of 17:14 in 17th place. As soon as the 15th runner came through the final straight away, I knew Benton had won the race, which was disappointing to say the least but we must put that behind us and use it for FIRE for the sectionals next weekend. Trenton Butler turned in a time of 17:39 for a 27th place finish and Evan Shelton finished in 18:35 for a 40th place finish. The Foxes ended with a score of 40 just 5 points behind Benton, there are many should’ve, would’ve, could’ve, but we didn’t. As the coach I take sole responsibility for the loss and will try to prepare them better for the next few weeks and for the coming years.

The Foxes next race is Sectionals at SIU-Edwardsville on October 29th, the Girls race is at 10:00 a.m.  and the Boys race is at 10:45, with awards at 11:30. There will also be a 3A race to follow immediately after the 1A races. For directions to the course go to the Calendar Page.