9/15/16 – Dave Gray Invitational

West Frankfort Invitational (West Frankfort Park) – 9/13/2016




9/15/2016 – NCOE (Dave Gray) Invitational

The Foxes received a first place trophy for an outstanding performance by the Foxes. The Foxes went to the Norris City Invitational set on taking home a little bit of hardware. The girls were missing #1 Runner Raegan Halley and Abby Reyling, who were both resting their injured legs so they will be ready for the Olney Invitational on Saturday. The boy’s team was in full force and even had seven athletes that were unable to compete due to the Invitational only having two races.

The girls ran first. Jasmine Coomes took out fast and led the Lady Foxes throughout the first lap of the three lap course. Olivia Ragan followed closely behind her and ended up taking over the lead before the second lap finished. Olivia Ragan finished first on the team with an 8th place finish. She was shortly ahead of Jasmine Coomes who finished 2nd on the team with an 11th place finish. Kaylee Chapman, Jade Lemmons, Leah Ragan and Jayda Johnson all worked hard to finish the race despite the issues each of them were facing. The Lady Foxes ended up taking 4 place slightly behind Pope County. The girls finished 4th as a team with a score of 77.

The Boy’s team took off at 4:00  and were ready to try a little bit of a different strategy to instill some extra confidence in the number 6 and number 7 runners. The Foxes stayed packed together for runners number 1 through 7 until a little after the two mile mark. From there it was up to each runner on the Foxes to decide how to finish the race. The pack of runners was super tight and encouragement for the 6th and 7th runner was abundant. When all was settled and done the Foxes ended up taking 3rd (Hunter Braden), 4th (Matt Rubenacker), 5th (Clay Ragan), 6th (Logan Hunt), 7th (Alex Soltanipanah), 9th (Trenton Butler) and 11th (Evan Shelton). Some of the runners were wanting to go faster and some of them wanted to go slower but by pack running  the top 5 runners were within 45 seconds of each other and the top 7 were within 1:14 of each other. The Foxes took 1st Place overall with a score of 25 points beating the 2nd place team by 49 points..

Lots of parents and friends made the short trip to cheer on the teams. The Foxes next race is Saturday morning at the Olney Community College for the Olney Invitational.