9/2/2016 – NCOE Meet

NCOE Meet (Norris City) – 9/2/2016




NARRATIVE – 9/2/2016

Foxes Cross Country teams competed at Norris City today in the Norris City Meet. The weather was way cooler than it has been in the past. The Foxes and Lady Foxes both ran really well finishing 1st as a team. The Foxes ran 12 boys in the race and 5 girls.

The Foxes had a short trip to Norris City, but were on a stringent time schedule arriving only a half hour before the race started. Both teams quickly got ready and warmed up for the race. There were 8 teams represented at the race and Hunter Braden led the way for the Foxes. Norris City’ s course is a triple loop course on mostly flat ground and ankle high recently mowed grass. The race is great for the spectators because they get to see the athletes multiple times during the race without venturing far away from one location to the next. The Foxes came into the race looking for a perfect score. For anyone who doesn’t know what a perfect score is in cross country here is the explanation. A perfect score consists of have the first through the fifth runners on the team finishing first through fifth overall in the meet. The Foxes were close to this feat with only one kid from Pope County getting in between the Foxes top five. The Foxes finished in order Hunter Braden 1st, Matt Rubenacker 2nd, Logan Hunt 3rd, Clay Ragan 5th, Alex Soltanipanah 6th, Trenton Butler 7th, Evan Shelton 14th, Clayton Cross 21st, Colin Meade 23rd, Raegan Irwin 24th, Dylan Halley 38th and Will Jones 39th.

The Lady Foxes also won the Norris City Meet with a total team score of 39 points. The Lady Foxes were without their #1 Runner from the Edwardsville race Olivia Ragan (Cheerleading). They were also without Jade Lemmons (School Field Trip) and Jayda Johnson (Recovering from and Injury). The Lady Foxes finished in order Raegan Halley 1st, Kaylee Chapman 5th, Jasmine Coomes 8th, Abby Reyling 9th and Leah Ragan 16th. The girls are continually getting better and trying to stay injury free. The Lady Foxes continue to improve and it will be interesting to see how they improve over the course of the year.

The Foxes ended up with a near perfect score of 17 and finished 1st out of 8 teams. The Lady Foxes also finished 1st out of 4 teams. Hunter Braden, Matt Rubenacker, Logan Hunt, Clay Ragan, Alex Soltanipanah, Trenton Butler, Raegan Halley, Kaylee Chapman, Jasmine Coomes and Abby Reyling all finished in the top 10 in their races. The Foxes next race will be at 4:30 pm on Tuesday Septermber the 6th at the Benton Park in Benton Illinois.

TYLER BYARS (Hannibal-Lagrange) and LESLIE DRONE (University of Southern Indiana) also ran their first races of the season for their respective colleges. Leslie Drone finished 41st out of 120+ runners and Tyler was 5th Overall in a triangle meet with his team finishing with a perfect score. These two runner have brought a lot of success to the Hamilton County Foxes and I look to see them continue to improve over the next few years!