9/6/2016 – Benton 6+

Benton 6+ (Benton Park) – 9/6/2016




NARRATIVE – 9/6/2016

Foxes Cross Country teams competed at the Benton Park today in the Benton 6+ Meet. The Benton 6+ is named so because it was the Benton 6 with six teams, but over the years it has expanded to between 6 and 10 teams. The weather today started out nice but turned out to be sunny and hot. The Foxes finished 1st as a team and the Lady Foxes finished 2nd as a team. The Foxes ran 12 boys in the race and 7 girls.

The Foxes traveled to the Benton Course for a recently changed course. The course has been mostly the same for the last 15+ years, but the changes that were made to the course seem to have everyone happy. The boys were up first with a 4:30 p.m. start. The boys charged up the first hill with some decent speed but trying not to burn themselves out for the rest of the race. Hunter Braden had made his way to the first place position by the half mile mark and never looked back, taking the win. Matt Rubenacker jockeyed back and forth from 4th – 2nd to land in the 2nd place at the end of the race. Clay Ragan ended up in 4th place and was followed closely by Logan Hunt. Alex Soltanipanah finished off the top five for the Foxes finishing in 9th place. The Foxes finished with a team score of 21 points. Make sure to check out all the boys stats from the race by clicking the link above. The Foxes showed they have a lot of heart today and looked tough to beat. They will need to keep that up on Thursday when they will face some tough competition from Nashville, Herrin, Sparta and Murphysboro.

The Lady Foxes also ran well at Benton, with Raegan Halley (2nd) and Jasmine Coomes (7th) placing in the top 10 during the race. The Lady Foxes have been fighting some injuries and sickness over the last few meets. Olivia Ragan and Kaylee Chapman were both recovering from being sick but both decided they were ready to run. Jade Lemmons has been dealing with some shin pain, Leah Ragan, Abby Reyling and Jayda Johnson have also been facing leg related injuries. The Lady Foxes despite all this still ran well and ended up taking the 2nd spot as a team. The Lady Foxes finished with a team score of 60 points, slightly behind Chester.

The Foxes ended up with another near perfect score of 21 and finished 1st out of 7 teams. The Lady Foxes also finished 2nd out of 6 teams. Hunter Braden, Matt Rubenacker, Clay Ragan, Logan Hunt, Alex Soltanipanah, Raegan Halley and Jasmine Coomes all finished in the top 10 in their races. The Foxes next race will be at 4:30 pm on Thursday Septermber the 8th at the West Frankfort Park in West Frankfort Illinois (for details click here).