10/12/2017 – Black Diamond Conference

Black Diamond Conference (Fairfield) – 10/12/2017




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10/12/2017 –┬áBlack Diamond Conference (Fairfield)

Fairfield for conference means it’s only a few more years until we have the black diamond conference here again (Goreville ‘ 18, Ham Co ’19)! The Black Diamond rotates the meet based on alphabetical order of teams (having a course to run on is a prerequisite). The Foxes left for Fairfield at 2:30 p.m., fresh off of a trifecta of wins at the Hamilton County Invitational, ready to race well in the conference meet. The Lady Foxes were to run at 4:00 p.m. and the boys at 4:40 p.m., also this is year was the first time the BDC had an open race (5:20 p.m.).

The Lady Foxes were up first and once again the top seven (eight actually) were all “healthy” and ready to run. Raegan Halley and Jasmine Coomes both knew they would have to have great races to have a chance to break into the All-Conference team. The All-Conference team consists of the top 5 finishers in each of the male and female races. Jasmine took off fast and was working on chasing down Fairfield’s Rice to try and take an all conference spot. Jasmine was hurting a bit, most likely because she just ran an exceptional race at the Ham Co Invite two days ago. Jasmine has ran amazing this year in every race and will rebound for the next few races, she ended up 3rd on the Foxes and 10th overall. Raegan Halley, usually second on her the team, picked up the slack and worked hard to try to move up into all conference standings. Raegan ran an exceptional race and came up just short of the fifth spot posting a 7th place finish in 22:42. Olivia Ragan (9th place) was right behind Raegan Halley, she has been Ms. Consistent along with Kaylee Chapman all year long. Kaylee Chapman in her last Black Diamond Conference meet, put in yet another great race coming in 11th place. Abby Reyling (the Foxes 5th Lady) has been steadily improving and from last Fairfield meet to this meet, she took off 8+ minutes, placing (24th). Rounding out the top 7 was Leah Ragan (28th) and Maddi Jo Maxwell (30th). The Lady Foxes finished just behind BDC Champions Chester and right in front of Carmi (Scores listed below). The Lady Foxes have really been running well and hopefully will continue running great over the next couple weeks.

The boys were up next and the goal of the day was to try and put as many Foxes in the All-Conference ranks as possible. Last year the Foxes were able to put 4 people in the top five. I had Theron take off fast and see how he can go and how long he can hold on. Theron has been running great this year but the Foxes really need a front runner, Theron will be that, but it might be next year before that happens. Midway into the race, I could tell that Theron was feeling the fast start, but Hunter Braden was working on moving up. Hunter Braden ran hard and knew exactly what he had to do to become all conference. As the race came to a close, Hunter Braden stayed in 5th place, he was the Foxes only All-Conference runner. Right behind the Hunter was a boat load of Foxes! Kaden Richards (6th place), Theron Smith (7th), Matt Rubenacker (8th), Logan Hunt (9th), Colin Meade (12th) and Trenton Butler (14th). Trenton Butler has been nursing an injury over the past few meets, but seems to do well after a little rest. We really hope he will be able to have him at his top level for the regional and sectional meets, both of which are at Benton. The Black Diamond Champion Foxes (3 times straight) ended up in 1st place (35 points), Fairfield was 2nd place (48 points) and Vienna with 52 points in third. This was the Foxes 6th varsity win for the season.

The Final race of the day was the 1st Black Diamond Conference Open race. In the open race it was sea of green! The Foxes put 14 runners in it with Vienna being the only other team in the race. The Foxes had 13 boys and 1 girl in the race. Some of the Open runners were looking to make a run for the varsity, but it was going to be hard without much competition. As the race came to a finish, the Foxes were looking exceptional with the first 8 places being Fox Runners. In order of finish it was Adam “Money” Wellen, Trace Butler, Keegan Johnson, Clay Ragan, Evan Shelton, Clancy Bond, Raegan Irwin, and Ian Stover. The Foxes then had finishers of Will Jones, Austin Stanley, Dylan Halley, Seth Davenport and Jevin Shreve. Trace Butler and Keegan Johnson finished neck to neck. All of the Open running Foxes had great performances. On the day each and every one of the Fox runners in all three races had improvements in their performance from early in the season at Fairfield.

The Foxes next race will be on Monday at the Benton Invitational starting at 4:00 p..m. The Benton Invitational is a huge race and they are looking to have 29 teams there with lots of good competition. I’m looking forward to seeing how they will run against a lot of good competition. This will be the Foxes last regular season meet before the post season starts on Saturday.