10/16/2017 – Benton Invitational

Benton Invitational (Benton Park) – 10/16/2017




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10/16/17 – Benton Invitational

The Foxes, hot off of the boys win at the Black Diamond Conference headed into Benton knowing it was going to be a tough meet. The Invitational would be similar to what will see at the Sectional, as far as team competition and as far as number of participants goes. The race had between 29 and 34 teams competing. Internally in the Foxes reigns, there were also a couple different battles going on. Adam “Money” Wellen faced off with Colin “McGregor” Meade for a 7th place spot on the boy varsity team headed into the regional and sectionals and four girls faced off for two positions on the girls varsity race!

The first race of the day was the Varsity Boy’s race, the boys coming into the race knew that their main competition would be Olney, Nashville, Okawville, Steeleville and Benton. The Foxes took off fast and quickly made it up the first large hill at the Benton Park. Hunter Braden quickly moved up and worked on catching as many of the runners as possible. The rest of the Fox team worked up towards the front of the pack as well with Theron Smith and Kaden Richards putting in superb effort to take second and third place on the team. Matt Rubenacker finished in fourth place with spot with Logan Hunt fifth on the team. The Foxes had a 22 gap behind their first and fifth runner. In the race for seventh place on the varsity team between Adam and Colin, it Adam coming in one second before Colin. Trenton Butler took the race off to rehab an injury for Saturday’s regional. In this race, there were no team awards and the top 20 in the race received shirts as their awards. The overall winner of each race received a small plaque. The Varsity boys ran really hard but were unable to place anyone in the top twenty out of the 158 runners and ended up with fourth place finish as a team behind Olney, Benton and Steeleville with 124 points, out of 24 teams.

The second race of the day for the Foxes was the varsity women’s race. Jasmine Coomes was looking forward to redeeming herself from a rough Black Diamond Conference race. She was trying to put the race under 21 minutes for the first time in her career. The Foxes knew they would have a massive amount of great competition from Chester, Nashville, DuQuoin and Pinckneyville. Jasmine Coomes and Raegan Halley worked up nicely in the first mile of the race turning in a time of around 6:30 for the first mile. They both worked hard and pressed up in the top 20 of the race for most of the race. As the race came to the end Jasmine ended up taking 17th place overall and Raegan 21st out of the 117 runners. Olivia Ragan continued to move up efficiently and even though her stomach was hurting her during the first part of the race she was able to regain and finish in the 42nd spot. Kaylee had a rough time breathing and ended up puking at the end of the race but was still able to finish in 68th place. Abby Reyling the Foxes fifth runner ran another good race and finished just under 26 minutes for the race. The girls ended up finishing 8th place out of 16th teams. The girls have been really running well this year and despite a rough day of running as a team they are looking to be a top contender for the Regional title on Saturday.

The Open Race was the last race of the day. Quite a few of the Foxes open runners were looking forward to getting a fast enough time to qualify for the top seven or to at least finish in the top ten to receive a T-shirt. Before the one mile mark Clay Ragan was in fourth place along side of Evan on the team, but before the two mile mark he had moved up into the top spot on the team for the open. Clay continued to run hard and ended up with a time of 17:28, just seconds behind the times that Adam Wellen and Colin Meade set in the Boys varsity race. Clay has had a tough season with an early season injury, but he rebounded well to make his last cross country meet a high quality one. At just over 18 minutes quite a few Foxes runners came through in a hurry. Clancy Bond finished in 4th place, Trace Butler was 5th, Keegan Johnson was 8th and Evan Shelton finished in 10th, each of which received shirts as awards. Raegan Irwin, Will Jones and Ian Stover all finished under 20 minutes. Austin Stanley and Dylan Halley were the next to finish. Laban Hunt finally got to run his first race of the season and did well with a sub 24 minute 2.8 mile run. Seth Davenport set another PR and went just over 24 minutes for the race. The girls race for the 6th and 7th runner spot for the next two races was up for grabs by four girls Kylee Vaughan, Leah Ragan, Maddi Jo Maxwell and Jevin Shreve. The race started off with Kylee taking the early lead and running right next to Laban and Seth. Leah Ragan barreled down the hill to keep with in distance of Kylee. Right behind her was Jevin Shreve and Maddi Jo Maxwell. As the race moved to the 2.25 mile mark, most things were still the same, Kylee was in 1st on the team, Leah 2nd, Maddi Jo Maxwell 3rd and Jevin 4th. This is the same structure the end of the race would finish with all of them finishing very close to each other. Going into the Regionals and Sectionals the Foxes 6th and 7th runners are Kylee Vaughan and Leah Ragan. Kylee Vaughan finished just about three seconds behind Abby Reyling. Maddi Jo Maxwell and Jevin Shreve ran really great races and have made huge improvements over the year. They have a bright future in the Foxes cross country team.

The Foxes have all ran really well, improved a ton and I could not be more proud of each and every one of them. The next meet for the Foxes and Lady Foxes will be on Saturday at the Benton Park (again) for the Regional race. We hope you will have a chance to come out and support our teams!

Boys Team Scores

  1. Olney                                 36
  2. Benton                              90
  3. Steeleville                         94
  4. Hamilton County    124
  5. Carterville                      164
  6. Nashville                        177
  7. Centralia                        188
  8. Okawville                      230
  9. DuQuoin                       260
  10. Crab Orchard               261
  11. Christ Our Rock           351
  12. West Frankfort            357
  13. Mount Carmel             379
  14. Chester                          418
  15. Murphysboro               427
  16. NCOE                            458
  17. O’Fallon                        464
  18. Goreville                       501
  19. Pinckneyville                511
  20. Carrier Mills                525
  21. Massac County            552
  22. Anna Jonesboro          554
  23. Galatia                           646
  24. Cobden                           711

Girls Team Scores

  1. Nashville                            44
  2. DuQuoin                           107
  3. Chester                              139
  4. Olney                                 143
  5. West Frankfort                178
  6. Centralia                           184
  7. Carterville                        185
  8. Hamilton County     202
  9. Goreville                           231
  10. Mount Carmel                 242
  11. Harrisburg                       264
  12. Massac County               280
  13. Murphysboro                  288
  14. Marion                              297
  15. Anna Jonesboro             382
  16. Galatia                              410