10/21/2017 – Regionals

Class A Regional (Benton Park) – 10/21/2017




10/21/2017 – Regional (Benton Park)

The Foxes third trip to Benton was for the regional and their fourth will be for the Sectional next week. The Benton Park is a good venue, but the 2.74 mile course makes for hard to compare cross country times to other longer meets. The Foxes and Lady Foxes have had great seasons and are looking to extend into the post season as much as possible. The Lady Foxes were slated to start racing 9:00 a.m. and the boys race was to start at 9:45 a.m.

The Foxes girls came into the regional expecting to be one of the top teams in the race! The Foxes took off strong, maybe a slight bit too strong but were in good position to make something happen. Jasmine Coomes and Raegan Halley took off and worked hard from the start. As the race approached the mile mark it was starting to show that perhaps the Foxes top runners were struggling a bit and by the 2 mile mark they were struggling a lot. Olivia Ragan moved up and helped pick up some of the slack, to help the team have a shot. Jasmine Coomes and Raegan Halley both worked hard and continued to keep their position even though it was obvious they were both hurting. Kaylee Chapman pulled up next to Raegan and they ran close to each other coming down the final stretch. Kylee Vaughan brought up the fifth position for the Foxes and worked extremely hard throughout the race. Abby Reyling wasn’t too far behind in the sixth spot for the girls and Leah Ragan took the 7th place. All of the girls ran well, but unfortunately weren’t able to defeat Carmi for the regional championship. The Foxes took second at the race and they advanced to the Sectionals next weekend at the same Benton Course.

The boys came into the race knowing they would have to perform phenomenally to be able to have a chance to beat Benton. The boys took off unusually fast up Benton’s first hill and looked to be feeling great for the day. Hunter Braden took off fast trying to keep up with Benton’s team, Fairfield’s number one runner and Carmi’s number one runner. Hunter at the mile and a half mark was hurting and trying to maintain his position. Kaden Richards decided it was time to move up and take over the first place for the Foxes team. Kaden has been moving up all season and it is great to see the improvements he has made. Theron Smith also moved up and hung in close to Kaden finishing within one second of him. Hunter was able to scrounge up a late race second surge and he finished very close to Kaden and Theron and just in Front of Logan Hunt. The Foxes # 5 runner was Matt Rubenacker who consistently moved up throughout the race. Adam Wellen was the Foxes 6th runner and improved his time by over 25 seconds from Monday’s race on the same course. Trenton Butler (still nursing his injury) pulled up the 7th place for the Foxes. The Foxes finished second overall as a team and had only a 31 second spread between their number one and number five runners and only 50 seconds between their number one and seven runners. The Foxes are going to have to turn in an even better performance next week if they plan on having a chance to make it to state as a team. Freeburg (Sectional Champs), Benton (Sectional Champs), Steeleville (Sectional Champs), Nashville, Pinckneyville, Trenton-Wesclin and Breese Mater Dei, Columbia, Red Bud, and McLeansboro will all be looking to make a run at state this year.

The Foxes next race is Sectionals at Benton on October 28th, the Girls race is at 10:00 a.m.  and the Boys race is at 10:45, with awards at 11:30.

Boys Team Results

  1. Benton                                 25
  2. Hamilton County              66
  3. Fairfield                             106
  4. Crab Orchard                    134
  5. Mt. Carmel                        181
  6. West Frankfort                 185
  7. Pope County                      223
  8. Norris City                         224
  9. Gallatin County                 272
  10. Carrier Mills                      278
  11. Harrisburg                         281
  12. Thompsonville                  368

Girls Team Results

  1. Carmi                                    81
  2. Hamilton County               98
  3. West Frankfort                 108
  4. Mt. Carmel                         134
  5. Harrisburg                         137
  6. Fairfield                              141
  7. Galatia                                223