8/26/2017 – MELHS Invitational





NARRATIVE – 8/26/2017

Foxes Cross Country teams competed at Edwardsville today in the MELHS Invitational. The weather was very nice compared to the previous years. The athletes were not happy about having to leave at 6:30 in the morning but almost all of them made it to the bus with time to spare. At 9:30 in the morning it was about 72 degrees out. The Girls race was the first race starting at 9:30 for the Foxes.

Coming into the Girls Race, the girls were looking forward to competing against the huge amount of competitors. A couple of the Foxes runners were nursing minor injuries, but unlike last year they were all going to try and run the race.  Kylee Vaughan was unable to compete in the race due to a conflicting golf match, in which Kylee placed very well. As the race started the Foxes Jasmine Coomes  got out in a good start and continued to work her way up through the pack.  Jasmine was the only runner on the Foxes girl team who received a medal, the top 100 finishers received medals. The girls all ran well and showed times that were close to if not better than the shorter easier Fairfield course they ran on the week before. The girls finished 21st out of 40 teams represented by the 339 finishers. The Lady Foxes are starting to pull things together and are looking to be very competitive in the conference this year.

The Boys Race started at 10:15 a.m. and the weather was a little warmer, but much better than last year. The Foxes started 12 runners in the crowd of well over 450 starters. Quite a few of the Foxes got a good start and continued to move up over the course of the race. Hunter Braden led the Foxes from slightly after the start of the race. As the race was coming down towards the end Hunter Braden was followed closely by Trenton Butler. Hunter finished in 18:46 and Trenton Butler finished in 18:53. Within 50 seconds of Hunter the Foxes Theron Smith 3rd and Logan Hunt 4th crossed simultaneously in the top 100 finishers, this gave the Foxes four medalists. Two of the Foxes newest runners, Kaden Richards and Adam Wellen took the fifth and sixth places on the team. Matt Rubenacker had a rough race but will undoubtedly rebound and be ready to go again quickly. Evan Shelton hurt his ankle and was unable to finish the race. The Foxes also had 11 extra runners running in the race. The boys placed 16th out of 43 teams represented by the 440 finishers. The Foxes runners have a lot of talent and with a lot of hard work and determination they will have a chance to do well in the conference and also go deep into the post season.

The Foxes and Lady Foxes came away with 5 medals, 1 for the girls and 4 for the boys. Medalist for the Foxes included Hunter Braden, Trenton Butler, Theron Smith, Logan Hunt and Jasmine Coomes. The Foxes next race will be at 3:30 p.m. on 9/1/2017 at Norris City High School in Norris City Illinois, it  is a short drive and all of the runners run at the same time, so take the time and come support your Foxes Runners.