9/16/2017 – Olney Invite

Olney Invitational (Olney Community College) – 9/16/2017



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9/16/2017 – Olney Invitational

Lots of extra time to sleep in this year, as we didn’t have to leave until 7:00 a.m.! In the past we have had to leave a half hour or more earlier. It was going to be a heater compared to the last few meets and 27 of the 30 runners were ready to give it their best. This year there was only 2 races instead of the usual 3 races. In the past few years, the Foxes have not ran well at Olney, but this year the course was changed and hopefully the Foxes luck would change. On Friday night, parents of the Foxes runners fed the Foxes an amazing dinner of Spaghetti, Lasagna, salad, garlic bread and multiple deserts. The Foxes Football game was at home so the runners didn’t have to travel far to watch it, which allowed most of the runners to get a good night sleep.

The Foxes girls were in full force with 9 girls competing in the race. The course was different from last year in so many ways; first there was no rain the night before, second the course was rerouted from last year. Before the race started Raegan Halley was puking up her guts, which had a lot of the opponents worried about her. She was okay but her day didn’t get much better, she dug down though and still finished in a decent spot on the team. Jasmine Coomes ran a 22:30 for 38th place and the only female Fox to receive a medal on the day. Olivia Ragan finished just out of the top 50, but still had a very respectable time. The rest of the Lady Foxes finished in the following order of: Kaylee Chapman, Raegan Halley, Abby Reyling, Kylee Vaughan, Leah Ragan, Maddi Jo Maxwell and Jevin Shreve. The Lady Foxes ended up in 12th place out of the 21 teams represented.

The Foxes were up next with all except three boys ready to run. The Boys were looking to improve their performances from the previous years. Trenton Butler came in ready to put in work, he quickly moved up to first on the Foxes and never looked back. Trenton finished in 30th place followed closely by Hunter Braden in 39th place and Matt Rubenacker in 44th, all of which received medals. The Foxes next runner was Logan Hunt in 50th, Theron Smith in 59th, Adam Wellen in 74th and Caden Richards in 77th. The Foxes were definitely spread out further than their 3 second spread of last meet. The spread between 1 and 5 was 49 seconds and 1 to 7 was 1:23. The increase in the spread was caused by many factors but most likely caused by the large number of athletes in the race. The rest of the Foxes runners finished in the following order, Colin Meade, Trace Butler, Keegan Johnson, Clay Ragan, Raegan Irwin, Will Jones, Ian Stover, Dylan Halley, Austin Stanley and Seth Davenport. The day was extremely hot compared to the days we have had previously. The Foxes finished up with a team score of 222 points. They finished in 8th place out of 25 teams represented.

The Foxes next meet will be at Harrisburg on Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. at SIC College.

Girls Team Results:

Mattoon                     1                  58

Teutopolis                 2                 112

Mater Dei                  3                 122

Lawrenceville           4                 147

Effingham                 5                 174

Salem                         6                 176

Olney                          7                 206

Herrin                        8                 210

Mt. Vernon                9                 211

Carmi                         10                241

Newton                      11                263

McLeansboro           12                270

Dietrich                     13                277

Fairfield                    14                 286

Altamont                  NTS

Benton                      NTS

Casey                        NTS

Centralia                  NTS

Mt. Carmel              NTS

North Clay               NTS

Robinson                 NTS


Princeton Community           1              81

Olney                                         2             96

Lawrenceville                          3            104

Robinson                                  4            135

Benton                                      5             147

Mattoon                                    6             214

Mt. Vernon                               7             215

Hamilton County                    8             222

Teutopolis                                 9             251

Salem                                        10            273

Mater Dei                                 11             281

Casey                                         12            294

Herrin                                       13            315

Centralia                                  14             332

Effingham                                15             361

Fairfield                                    16            445

Dietrich                                     17            479

Mt. Carmel                               18            482

Newton                                      19           520

Altamont                 NTS

Carmi                       NTS

North Clay              NTS

Odin                         NTS