9/30/2017 – Carterville Invitational

Carterville Invitational (John A. Logan College) – 9/30/2017



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9/30/2017 – Carterville Invitational

No rain this year and temperatures were better than the previous two weekends. CONFUSION!! The Girls were scheduled to run at 10:00 a.m. and the boys at 10:30 a.m. with the Open Race at 11:00. When we arrived to the race we noticed that the start and finish had been changed … most likely due to the fact that they would be hosting a regional this year. Then after handing out all the bibs for the race I decided to look at the meet information sheet where more confusion was about to occur for everyone. The new schedule had the boys running at 10:00 a.m., the girls at 10:30 a.m and the Open Race at 11:10. The schedule change wasn’t necessarily a bad thing but the fact that no one was informed of it was most definitely a bad thing. The boys had all 20 of their 21 runners ready to run and the girls had 8 out of 9 of their girls running. Kylee Vaughan is deep in the hunt for golf championships and decided to focus on it until it is over, which is absolutely no problem. Kylee is an amazing young golfer and has a ton of potential in the sport. The girls finished 7th out of 14 teams (90 girls in the race) and the boys finished 2nd out of 14 teams (97 boys in the race).

As the boys lined up in Box #11, another coach decided since they had eleven boys running today, then box 11 was their box, we accommodated them and allowed them to use OUR box. The Foxes enjoyed not having a quick turn at the beginning of the race like they had in previous years. The Foxes quickly started and by the end of the 1st mile many things were evident. The Foxes were mostly running well, but had a couple of their top runners having an off day, luckily like in the past few races, the other Foxes runners picked up. Continuing on last week’s success, Theron Smith once again took the first spot for the Foxes with a 10th place finish! Hunter Braden was 16th place, Logan Hunt was 17th, Caden Richards was 19th and Adam Wellen rounded out the top 5 with a 20th place finish. Trenton Butler was having foot issues but still finished with a 32nd place and Matt Rubenacker ran out of energy shortly after the one mile mark to finish in 37th place. The Foxes have a really strong team, but needs to have top level performances for the championship races coming in the middle of October. The Foxes finished in 2nd place behind Nashville.

The girls race started with the Ladies from Hamilton County starting in lucky box #13. Today’s race had good competition in it with Nashville, DuQuoin, Carterville, Chester and Herrin. Jasmine Coomes took off and headed to the top of the pack quickly moving into the top 10 by the time the first half mile had concluded. Jasmine kept pushing the pace and ended up finishing in 24th place with Raegan Halley slightly behind her in 28th place. Olivia Ragan and Kaylee Chapman again had quality races with 38th and 42nd place finishes. Abby Reyling was once again the 5th place runner and turned in an impressive performance rivaling her best race of the season. Jevin Shreve was 75th place and Leah Ragan 81st place to wrap up the Lady Foxes top 7. The girls still have work to put in but they are getting better all the time. The Foxes were only beat by one team they will face in their conference.

Next up was the open race and the Foxes were well represented with 13 boys and 1 girl running the race. The Foxes ended up taking the first five places in the following order: Clay Ragan, Keegan Johnson, Colin Meade, Trace Butler and Evan Shelton. The rest of the boy racers finished in order;  Clancy Bond (9th), Raegan Irwin (12th), Will Jones (24th), Ian Stover (29th), Dylan Halley (31st), Austin Halley (32nd), Clayton Cross (42nd) and Seth Davenport (44th). The lone girl runner for the Foxes was Maddi Jo Maxwell, she ran hard and finished 48th overall in the open race.

The Foxes next meet will be on Wednesday October 4th at Southeastern Illinois College in Harrisburg. Hopefully the order of events posted for it will not change at the last minute.

Girls Team Scores

  1. Nashville                         45
  2. DuQuoin                         108
  3. Carterville                       130
  4. Chester                            137
  5. Herrin                              150
  6. Okawville                        157
  7. Hamilton County          197
  8. Marion                            223
  9. Steeleville                       232
  10. Goreville                         234
  11. Fairfield                          239
  12. Red Bud                          244
  13. Murphysboro                 266
  14. Anna Jonesboro            307
  15. Cobden                            NTS
  16. Harrisburg                      NTS
  17. Sparta                               NTS

Boys Team Scores

  1. Nashville                       69
  2. Hamilton County        82
  3. Steeleville                     87
  4. Herrin                           132
  5. Carterville                    146
  6. DuQuoin                      155
  7. Okawville                     164
  8. Fairfield                        184
  9. Red Bud                        193
  10. Sparta                            250
  11. Chester                          311
  12. Goreville                       328
  13. Murphysboro               348
  14. Cobden                          406
  15. Anna Jonesboro          NTS
  16. Harrisburg                   NTS