9/10/2019 – Mr. “A” Race (Benton Park)



The Foxes Cross Country teams competed at the Benton Park today in the Mr. “A” Race in Benton. The Mr. A race was named after a important man in Benton, who has been with the school system for many years. He also is the man who has painted many maps around the area at schools and parks and etc. The weather was around 92 degrees, and it was extremely hot out, luckily the Park is well shaded. The Foxes finished 2nd as a team behind the Benton Rangers and the Lady Foxes finished 3rd as a team behind Benton and Althoff Catholic. The Foxes ran 18 boys and 9 girls in the race.

The Benton Course is the same course for the sectionals this year. The boys were up first with a 5:00 p.m. start. The boys charged up the first hill with some decent speed but trying not to burn themselves out for the rest of the race. At the mile mark, Theron Smith, Adam Wellen, Evan Shelton and Trace Butler all came through almost simultaneously. Theron Smith ended up in 5th Place with Adam Wellen finishing right behind him in 6th place. Evan Shelton took the 9th place, Trace Butler was 12th, Braydon Middendorf took 16th place, and Brady Thrane was 20th. The Foxes had 6 runners place in the top 20, each of which received a T-shirt as the award. The Foxes finished with a team score of 41 points and placed 2nd out of 16 teams. The rest of the Foxes runners finished in the following order: Ian Stover stepped up to fill the 7th place for the Foxes with a 24th place finish, Aaron Meade (28th), Will Jones (33rd), Shawn Braden (43rd), Wyatt Brown (47th), Owen Shelton (57th), Owen Braden (61st), Ben Irvin (67th), Dylan Halley (79th), Nathan Kaufman (88th), Austin Stanley (91st) and Seth Davenport (107th). Make sure to check out all the boys stats from the race by clicking the link above. The Foxes showed they have a lot of heart running in the heat and competing the way they did.

The Lady Foxes also ran well at Benton, Maddie Karcher went out with intentions to see how long she could stay with Benton’s Mia McLain. Mia is the daughter of the Legendary Brent McLain from Benton who is also the coach of the Running Rangers. Maddie put in a valiant effort and really pushed herself in the race during the heat of the day. She ended up finishing in Second Place one minute and 45 seconds behind McLain. Ashlee Wellen has put in a ton of work this year and is really running well, she finished in 11th place. Caroline Lueke put in a lot of effort, looked great and finished in the 19th place. Maddie, Ashlee and Caroline all finished in the top 20 on the day and all received t-shirts for their effort. Just outside of the top 20 were Senior Olivia Ragan (27th) and Sophomore Dacey Webb (28th). After the top five finishers, the Foxes finished in the following order: Kylee Vaughan (34th), Jordan Tinsley (43rd), Brooklyn Welch (53rd), and Lenora Watt (56th).

Theron Smith, Adam Wellen, Evan Shelton, Trace Butler, Braydon Middendorf, Brady Thrane, Maddie Karcher, Ashlee Wellen and Caroline Lueke all finished in the top 20 of their races and received T-shirts as awards.

The Foxes next race will be at 4:30 pm on Thursday September the 12th at the West Frankfort Park in West Frankfort Illinois.

Girls Results

1 Benton 25

2 Belleville Althoff Catholic 58

3 Hamilton County 70

4 Anna-Jonesboro 113

5 West Frankfort 127

6 Galatia 171

7 Pope County 173

8 Christopher 191

Waltonville NTS

Carmi White County NTS

Webber High School NTS

Vienna NTS

Fairfield NTS

Boys Results

1 Benton 24

2 Hamilton County 41

3 Fairfield 119

4 Vienna 123

5 Belleville Althoff Catholic 128

6 Crab Orchard 137

7 West Frankfort 144

8 Pope County 224

9 Thompsonville 229

Carmi White County NTS

Webber High School NTS

Galatia NTS

Anna-Jonesboro NTS

Christopher NTS

Waltonville NTS

Dongola NTS