9/24/2019 – Harrisburg Meet



The Foxes Cross Country runners traveled to Harrisburg’s Southern Illinois College for the Harrisburg Meet. The Harrisburg Meet featured teams from 10 schools. The boys runners were up first and were looking to see how many runners they could place in the top 10.

The Foxes Theron Smith and Adam Wellen took off in the lead with Trace Butler shortly behind. The start of Harrisburg’s course is straight up a hill and also finally ends down the same hill. Adam Wellen led almost the entire race up until the last 100 meters. Adam ended up finishing with a time of 18:03, just seconds behind Carrier Mills number one runner for the second place spot overall. Theron Smith was shortly behind Adam and finished just in front of Trace Butler for the number three spot overall in 18:29. The rest of the Foxes finished in the following order: Trace Butler (4th), Braydon Middendorf (5th), Brady Thrane (8th), Aaron Meade (10th), Will Jones (15th), Shawn Braden (17th), Owen Braden (26th), Dylan Halley (30th), Ben Irvin (31st), Ian Stover (33rd), Owen Shelton (34th), Wyatt Brown (36th), Evan Shelton (37th), Nathan Kaufman (42nd), Austin Stanley (43rd) and Seth Davenport (48th). Evan Shelton was having lower back issues, but still finished the race. The Foxes took 1st place as a team with a team score of 22 points.

The Lady Foxes were up next and they were poised to see how many they could place in the top 10. Maddie Karcher and Ashlee Wellen took off fast and led the race from the start. Caroline Lueke moved up steadily throughout the race into the 3rd place spot. As it came to the finish Maddie Karcher took the easy win in 20:46, this was only about 30 seconds slower than she ran last year at Regionals. At Regionals she had competition and on this day she had no competition. Ashlee Wellen finished in second behind her with a time of 22:12. Caroline Lueke was behind her with a time of 24:07 taking the 3rd spot overall. The rest of the Lady Foxes finished in the following order: Olivia Ragan (6th), Dacey Webb (8th), Jordan Tinsley (14th), Brooklyn Welch (15th), and Lenora Watt (21st). The Lady Foxes finished in 1st place with a team score of 20.

The next cross country meet will be Saturday at Freeburg with the girls race starting at 9:00 a.m.