9/30/2019 – Carterville Invitational



Usually, we have to leave at 8:00 a.m. to get to John A Logan College on a Saturday, but today we didn’t have to leave until 2:30 p.m. after school. The schedule for the meet had the boys running at 4:30 p.m., the girls at 5:00 p.m and the Open Race at 5:40 p.m. The boys had all 18 of their 18 runners ready to run and the girls had 8 out of 9 of their girls running. The girls finished 4th out of 10 teams (57 girls in the race) and the boys finished 1st out of 10 teams (56 boys in the race).

As the boys lined up in Box #6, the boys were in good spirit and ready to run. The Foxes started quickly and by the end of the 1st mile many things were evident. The Foxes were mostly running well, the Foxes had a good chance at finishing as the first-place team, and they were all going to have a tough race due to the heat. The Foxes ended up in the following order: Adam Wellen (4th), Theron Smith (5th), Trace Butler (7th), Braydon Middendorf (12th), Evan Shelton (16th), Brady Thrane (18th) and Will Jones (23rd). The Foxes took first place on the day with a team score of 44 points. The Foxes have a really strong team but will need to have top-level performances for the championship races coming up.

The girl’s race started with the Ladies from Hamilton County starting in box #6. Today’s race had good competition in it with Anna Jonesboro, Carterville, Nashville, and Herrin. Maddie Karcher took off and headed to the top of the pack quickly moving into the second spot. Maddie kept pushing and finished in a time of 20:12 behind Massac County’s Ansley Bailey. Next up for the Lady Foxes was Ashlee Wellen who finished shortly behind Maddie in the 5th place spot. The rest of the Foxes finished in the following order: Caroline Lueke (19th), Kylee Vaughan (22nd), Olivia Ragan (29th), Dacey Webb (30th), and Jordan Tinsley (43rd). The Lady Foxes are really looking good and will hopefully continue to perform well throughout the rest of what’s left of this season.

Next up was the open race and the Foxes were well represented with 11 boys and 1 girl running the race. The Foxes ended up with good finishes by everyone Aaron Meade ended up in 2nd place and Shawn Braden finished 3rd overall. Aaron Meade ran a time fast enough to get him back into the varsity rotation for the next meet. After the top two Hamilton County runners, the following is the list of the finishers: Ian Stover, Owen Braden, Owen Shelton, Wyatt Brown, Dylan Halley, Austin Stanley, Ben Irvin, Nathan Kaufman, and Seth Davenport. All of the runners have improved a lot over the season but Nathan Kaufman has really improved a ton over the last few races. The lone girl who ran the open race was Lenora Watt. Lenora has been working hard and she was extra excited today to see her Dad and sister at the meet.

The Foxes next meet will be on Wednesday October 9th at Southeastern Illinois College in Harrisburg. Make the trip out and support the teams.

Girls Team Scores

  1. Anna Jonesboro              55
  2. Cartervile                  70
  3. Nashville                        76
  4. Hamilton County            77
  5. Goreville                     115
  6. Herrin           195
  7. Murphysboro               214
  8. Chester NTS
  9. Harrisburg                      NTS
  10. Massac County               NTS

Boys Team Scores

  1. Hamilton County        44
  2. Herrin                           63
  3. Carterville                    69
  4. Nashville                      122
  5. Harrisburg                   140
  6. Murphysboro               152
  7. Goreville NTS
  8. Massac County            NTS
  9. Chester                   NTS
  10. Anna Jonesboro NTS