9/4/2019 – NCOE Meet



Foxes Cross Country teams competed at Norris City today in the Norris City Meet. The Foxes and Lady Foxes both ran really well finishing 1st as a team. The Foxes ran 18 boys in the race and 9 girls.

The Foxes had a short trip to Norris City, but were on a stringent time schedule arriving only an hour before the race started. Both teams quickly got ready and warmed up for the race. There were 10 teams represented at the race, Adam Wellen and Maddie Karcher led the way for the Foxes. Norris City’ s course is a triple loop course on mostly flat ground. The race is great for the spectators because they get to see the athletes multiple times during the race without venturing far away from one location to the next. The Foxes came into the race looking for a good score. The Foxes won the meet with a score of 25 points and finished in order Adam Wellen (1st), Trace Butler (3rd), Evan Shelton (4th), Theron Smith (7th), Brady Thrane (10th), Braydon Middendorf (11th), Will Jones (13th) for the top 7 places. The rest of the Foxes finished in the following order: Aaron Meade, Shawn Braden, Ian Stover, Austin Stanley, Owen Shelton, Wyatt Braden, Dylan Halley, Ben Irvin, Owen “Going the extra Mile” Braden, Nathan Kaufman, and Seth Davenport.

The Lady Foxes also won the Norris City Meet with a total team score of 25 points. The Lady Foxes finished in order Maddie Karcher (1st), Ashlee Wellen (2nd), Caroline Lueke (3rd), Olivia Ragan (8th), Dacey Webb (11th), Jocelyn Moles (16th), Jordan Tinsley (20th), Brooklyn Welch (23rd) and Lenora Watt (24th). The girls are continually getting better and trying to stay injury free.

The Foxes next race will be at 4:30 pm on Tuesday September the 5th at the Benton Park in Benton Illinois.


1st     Ham. Co.      25 pts

2nd    NCOE          50

3rd   Carrier Mills   94

4th   Gallatin Co.   129

5th   T-ville             189

6th   Galatia           228       

Christopher    NTS


1st   Ham. Co.      25

2nd     Galatia           69

3rd      Christopher   107

Carrier Mills    NTS           

NCOE             NTS           

Eldorado         NTS           

Gallatin Co.    NTS