10/11/2018 – Black Diamond Conference Meet

Black Diamond Conference (Goreville) – 10/11/2018




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Black Diamond Conference 

The best part of going to Goreville for the Black Diamond Conference Meet means that next year the Foxes get to host the meet. The Black Diamond Conference rotates the meet based on alphabetical order of teams (having a course to run on is a prerequisite). The Foxes left for Goreville at 1:30 p.m., fresh off of a trifecta of wins at the Hamilton County Invitational, ready to race well in the conference meet. The Lady Foxes were to run at 4:00 p.m. and the boys at 4:40 p.m..

The Lady Foxes were up first and once again the top seven were all healthy and ready to run. Maddie Karcher was looking forward to winning the conference race and hopefully have a couple other girls in the top five this year for the conference championship. The All-Conference team consists of the top 5 finishers in each of the male and female races. Maddie took off fast and bounded up the one mile hill to work on distancing herself from Carmi’s number one girl. Carmi’s number one girl has really been turning it on in the past few meets. Maddie ended up running away with the race and placing first place with a 1 minute win over the second place girl. Maddie ended up running a time of 18:46. The next three girls were one right after another finishing in 6th, 7th and 8th place overall. Sixth place was Caroline Lueke, seventh place was Raegan Halley and eighth place was Ashlee Wellen. These three girls finished with 20 seconds of each other. These three Foxes runners have been improving every meet and keep clumping closer together. Jocelyn Moles and Olivia Ragan finished back to back for the 17th and 18th place, giving the Lady Foxes a score of 39 points. Maddi Jo Maxwell finished seventh for the Foxes with a time of 28:04.  The Lady Foxes won the Black Diamond Conference with a 23 point victory over Carmi. The Lady Foxes finished first out of six black diamond teams! The Lady Foxes have really been running well and hopefully will continue running great over the next couple weeks. The win for the Lady Foxes was there first Black Diamond Conference Championship for the girls since 2015 at McLeansboro.

The boys were up next and the goal of the day was to try and put as many Foxes in the All-Conference ranks as possible and to win the conference meet. Last year the Foxes were only able to put 1 person in the top five. This year the Foxes were looking to get a few more in the top five. The Foxes took of fast and between the Foxes and Vienna’s eagles the first 14 places were mostly green or blue. Vienna stayed in front of the Foxes going into the trails around the lake and tried to keep the Foxes from passing by running three wide throughout the trails. Kaden Richards was the first Fox to take off and break through the pack, the rest of the Foxes followed. As they came to the second mile mark, Kaden was in front with the front 10 runners still either Foxes runners or Vienna runners. As the last mile began the Foxes started to spread out and take care of any other teams chances to win. As the race came to a finish Evan Shelton took the win with a time of 16:38. Evan was followed closely behind by Kaden Richards (2nd), and Theron Smith (3rd). They were followed closely by Fairfield’s Cody “Conference Star” Todd and Vienna’s Loren Webb. Just outside of the all-conference window was two time all-conference runner Hunter Braden (6th) and Adam Wellen (7th). The Foxes took the championship with a score of 19 points and a 27 point win over 2nd place Vienna. The Foxes also took the 9th place Trace Butler and  14th place Colin Meade. The Foxes were the Black Diamond Champions for the 4th straight year. This was also the Foxes 4th straight varsity win for the season.

The Foxes next race will be on Monday at the Benton Invitational starting at 4:00 p..m. The Benton Invitational is a huge race and they are looking to have 30+ teams there with lots of good competition. I’m looking forward to seeing how they will run against a lot of good competition. This will be the Foxes last regular season meet before the post season starts on next Saturday.