10/3/2018 – Harrisburg Invitational

Harrisburg Invitational (Southeastern Illinois College) – 10/03/2018



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Harrisburg Invitational

Temperatures started to rise again, but the Foxes were hoping it wouldn’t effect them negatively. As the races were about to start, a breeze started flowing throughout the course and the Foxes were happy. The Foxes took 26 runners to the Harrisburg Invitational to compete against multiple single A and also AA teams. The course is the same course as the course the Foxes will run regionals at in just a few weeks. The order of events were 4:30 Boys Varsity, 5:00 Girls Varsity and 5:30 p.m. Open race.

The Boys varsity team has been doing really well over this year and were looking forward to showing the competition that they would be able to pull a win at the invitational. The Boys race had about 90 runners in it. The race starts out going straight up a long hill, then comes down the hill, then back up the hill for the first mile. Theron Smith and Evan Shelton were not in full force but were still going to put in work and see how well they could do. Hunter Braden, Kaden Richards and Theron Smith took off fast and looked to battle for one of the top spots on the day. Hunter Braden and Kaden Richards stayed up towards the front and finished 5th and 6th place overall behind Michael Oliver, Ty Barbre, Seth Hamerski and a Mt.Vernon runner. Slightly behind Hunter and Kaden was Evan Shelton. Evan ran a really strong race and worked up throughout the pack looking like he was feeling great. After Evan was Theron Smith, Adam Wellen, Colin Meade and Keegan Johnson. Trace Butler wasn’t at the meet, he was on a family visit day to see his brother in the Army Reserves. The Foxes finished the race 11 points in front of Mt.Vernon which was a good enough for a 1st place finish again this year. Award winners were Hunter Braden 5th, Kaden Richards 6th, Evan Shelton 12th, Theron Smith 14th, and Adam Wellen 15th. The Foxes ran strong and looked great today at Harrisburg.

The Girls varsity was up next and had seven runners competing. Kylee Vaughan was not able to run for the Foxes because she was busy winning a Regional title in Golf, Congratulations Kylee. The Foxes were looking to fix some small issues they were having and looking forward to competing against some tough teams. Maddie Karcher took off fast and worked up on the front runner of the race. Maddie moved up into the 2nd place position and didn’t look back after that. Maddie finished in 2nd place with a time of 20:40, she was just behind Gabby Alongi of DuQuoin. Caroline Lueke picked it up and finished strong with a 12th place finish on the day. Caroline has been greatly consistent this year and continues to work hard during every meet. Raegan Halley (15th) finished in the third spot for the Foxes with Ashlee Wellen slightly behind her in 19th place. Olivia Ragan was the Foxes 5th runner on the team and was followed closely by Jocelyn Moles. The Lady Foxes did really well and finished in 2nd place as a team behind DuQuoin. DuQuoin’s group of runners finished with an amazing score of 26. The Foxes beat the Carmi Bulldogs and Anna Jonesboro, both of which the Foxes will have to continue to work hard against for the next few weeks of the season / post season. The medalists for the Lady Foxes were Maddie Karcher (2nd), Caroline Lueke (12th), Raegan Halley (15th) and Ashlee Wellen (19th).

The final race of the day was the Open Race, an Open Race is open to anyone who wants to run it, but sometimes the coordinators of the race limit it to only high school runners. In the open Brady Thrane took the number one spot for the Foxes with a time of 20:53 (3rd Overall) which would have been the 7th spot for the Varsity Foxes on the day today. Right behind Brady was Aaron Meade (4th) and Jack Aydt (5th). Other Foxes receiving awards on the day for the boys were Will Jones (8th), Raegan Irwin (9th) and Ben Irvin (10th). The rest of the Foxes finished in the following order for the Foxes: Dylan Halley, Austin Stanley, Ian Stover and Seth Davenport. Maddi Jo Maxwell and Jennifer Redmon were the only girls in the open run for the Foxes. Maddi Jo ran well, took (2nd Overall) and ran well enough to have been the 7th runner on the day for the Varsity Foxes. Jennifer Redmon continued to improve and finished in 10th overall in the Open for the girls. Jennifer works hard and continues to improve during each race. The young Foxes runners really have proved how much they have improved over the past months and are working on moving towards being varsity runners

The Foxes next race will be at Home at Dolan Lake on October the 9th. If you have never been to a cross country race, I would like to invite you out to the lake, for a race consisting of 17 teams, to cheer on your Foxes runners. The F/S race is at 4:00, Girls Varsity at 4:30 and Varsity Boys at 5:00.


  1. Hamilton County                        49
  2. Mt. Vernon                                   60
  3. Herrin                                            67
  4. DuQuoin                                       104
  5. NCOE                                            228
  6. Carrier Mills                                236
  7. Massac County                            265
  8. West Frankfort                            303
  9. Pope County                                 320
  10. Galatia                                           323
  11. Anna Jonesboro                          324
  12. Goreville                                       349
  13. Murphysboro                               362
  14. Thompsonville                            401
  15. Eldorado                                      467


  1. DuQuoin                                       26
  2. Hamilton County                        74
  3. Carmi                                             88
  4. Anna Jonesboro                           91
  5. Marion                                          137
  6. Goreville                                       149
  7. West Frankfort                            176
  8. Galatia                                           213
  9. Murphysboro                               229
  10. Harrisburg                                    269
  11. Webber                                         NTS
  12. Massac County                            NTS