10/20/2018 – Regional (Harrisburg)

Class A Regional (Southeastern Illinois College) – 10/20/2018





Regional (Harrisburg – Southeastern Illinois College)

The Foxes second trip to Harrisburg this year was for the regional. The Foxes new it would be a tough race but also knew they were the favorite coming into the race. This was not unusual, the Foxes have been the favorite coming into the regional quite a few times but had mostly came up just short by a point or two. They were determined that this year would not suffer the same. Southeastern Illinois College is a good venue, and the 3.05 mile course is a tough hilly course.  The Foxes and Lady Foxes have had great seasons and are looking to extend into the post season as much as possible. The Lady Foxes were slated to start racing 9:00 a.m. and the boys race was to start at 9:45 a.m.

The Foxes girls came into the regional expecting to be one of the top teams in the race! They knew it would not be a cakewalk and they would have to perform similar to how they did at conference to win the Regional title. The Lady Foxes last regional title was in 2004. That year the Foxes and Lady Foxes both took the regional title. The Foxes took off strong as team. Maddie Karcher took off in lead within the first 200 meters and never looked back. Maddie ended up beating Massac County’s Ansley Bailey by 19 seconds. Ansley was 29th in state last year. After Maddie finished, it wasn’t long until Caroline Lueke came through taking the 5th individual spot in the meet. Slightly behind Caroline was Ashlee Wellen (10th Overall) and Raegan Halley (11th Overall). Olivia Ragan was 16th overall and ran a great race in which she told me afterwards “Made her pretty tired”. Jocelyn Moles finished in the 25th Overall position and Abby Reyling took the 7th spot for the Lady Foxes with a 47th Overall Finish. This gave the Lady Foxes a team score of 37 distancing second place Carmi by 23 points. Every single one of the girls ran great and they continue to improve every race. I’m looking forward to see how they do at the Sectionals next weekend.The Foxes advanced to the Sectionals next weekend at the Benton Park.

The boys came into the race knowing they would have to perform well to see how they are doing compared to a few weeks ago when we came to Harrisburg. The boys took off unusually slow up Harrisburg’s first hill but I was fairly certain they could move back up into position quickly. At the one mile mark the Foxes had made up a lot of ground and were continually moving up. Theron Smith and Adam Wellen slowly pulled away from the rest of the Foxes with Theron Finishing in the 3rd spot overall and Adam finishing in the 5th spot overall. Within 10 seconds of Adam was Hunter Braden who took 6th overall. Kaden Richards finished 9th overall six seconds behind Hunter and Colin Meade finished out the top five with a time of 18:43.1 for the 17th Overall spot. Evan Shelton’s ankle was hurting him, but he finished strong with a 20th Overall finish. Trace Butler took the 7th spot for the Foxes on the day with a 24th place finish overall. The Foxes finished first overall as a team with a score of 27 distancing 2nd place Pope County by 77 points. The Foxes will need to compact the time between number one and five to have a shot of getting out of the Sectionals next weekend and making their first State bid since 2003. Freeburg (Regional Champs), Steeleville (Regional Champs), Benton, Father McGivney, Roxana and DuQuoin will all be looking to foil that plan. The Foxes have so much talent and we will need to all be at our best next weekend for Sectionals.

The Foxes next race is Sectionals at Benton on October 28th, the Girls race is at 10:00 a.m.  and the Boys race is at 10:45, with awards at 11:30.

Girls Team Results

  1. Hamilton County               37
  2. Carmi                                    60
  3. Massac County                    75
  4. Fairfield                                79
  5. West Frankfort                    97
  6. Pope County                       154
  7. Harrisburg                          172
  8. Webber                                NTS
  9. Eldorado                              NTS
  10. Carrier Mills                        NTS
  11. Galatia                                  NTS

Boys Team Results

  1. Hamilton County              27
  2. Pope County                      104
  3. Norris City                         106
  4. West Frankfort                  115
  5. Fairfield                               135
  6. Massac County                   138
  7. Carrier Mills                       149
  8. Galatia                                 194
  9. Eldorado                             232
  10. Thompsonville                   250
  11. Carmi                                   NTS
  12. Webber                                NTS
  13. Crab Orchard                     NTS
  14. Gallatin County                 NTS