9/13/2018 – Dave Gray Invitational

Dave Gray Invitational (Norris City) – 9/13/2018



9/13/2018 – NCOE (Dave Gray) Invitational

The Lady Foxes took 2nd place and Foxes took 1st place trophies at the Norris City Meet. The Foxes went to the Norris City Invitational set on taking home a little bit of hardware. The Foxes were without the top three runners on their team (Hunter Braden, Kaden Richards and Theron Smith). The Foxes were still content to work hard and take home a first place trophy. The Lady Foxes were without Jocelyn Moles and Kylee Vaughan. The Foxes teams also had extra athletes that were unable to compete due to the Invitational only having two races.

The girls ran first. Maddie Karcher took out fast and led the Lady Foxes and everyone else throughout the three lap course. Maddie took 1st place with a time of 20:04. It was the first win of Maddie’s Cross Country career, but definitely won’t be the last. Shortly after Maddie was Caroline Lueke (9th), Raegan Halley was (12th), Olivia Ragan (13th), Ashlee Wellen (23rd), Abby Reyling (28th) and Ava Davenport in (33rd). The top 25 athletes all took home medals. The Lady Foxes ended up taking 2nd place overall with a score of 78.

The Boy’s team took off at 4:00  and were ready to attempt to take first place without the top three runners on the team. The Foxes Evan Shelton took off fast and worked to stay up in first place. Evan kept the first place throughout the entire first mile. Carmi’s Ty Barbre and two others eventually outlasted Evan. Evan ended up with a 4th place finish overall but the effort he put in was great and he will continue to move up throughout the season. The rest of the Foxes were Adam Wellen (9th), Trace Butler (13th), Brady Thrane (16th), Colin Meade (18th), Keegan Johnson (19th) and Aaron Meade (25th). The Foxes took 1st Place overall with a score of 60 points.

Lots of family and friends made the short trip to cheer on the teams. The Foxes next race is Saturday morning at the Olney Community College for the Olney Invitational.