9/15/2018 – Olney Invitational

Olney Invitational (Olney Community College) – 9/15/2018



9/15/2018 – Olney Invitational

Lots of extra time to sleep in this year, as we didn’t have to leave until 7:00 a.m.! In the past we have had to leave a half hour or more earlier. It was going to be a heater similar to Norris City’s Meet and Hamilton County had 26 of the 31 runners ready to give it their best. This year there was again only 2 races. In the past few years, the Foxes have not ran well at Olney.

The Foxes girls had 9 girls competing in the race. Maddie Karcher took 4th overall and 1st on the team with a time of 19:56.39. Maddie was the only girl to medal on the day but the Foxes had four others that received ribbons. Medals were given to the top 50 in the race and ribbons to the next 50. There were 146 athletes in the race. Caroline Lueke finished in 57th overall with a time of 23:48. Raegan Halley was 74th with a time of 24:38. Ashlee Wellen, who looked to be feeling better than she did at Norris City and finished in 76th place with a time of 24:42. Rounding out the top five for the Foxes was Olivia Ragan who finished 84th with a time of 25:29. The rest of the Foxes in order were Jocelyn Moles, Abby Reyling, Ava Davenport and Jennifer Redmon. The Lady Foxes ended up in 10th place out of the 23 teams represented.

The Foxes were up next with all except three boys ready to run. The Boys were looking to improve their performances from the previous years. The Foxes were also looking to show the rest of the teams how they stack up next to Benton, Robinson and Lawrence. The Foxes took off quick but ended up getting boxed in a little bit by the 23 other teams merging into their straight line to the first turn. The Foxes runners moved back and forth in position but at the end Theron Smith took 43rd overall and 1st place on the Foxes team with a time of 18:25.73. Right behind Theron was Kaden Richards in 44th place with a time of 18:26.16. Shortly after Kaden was Hunter Braden(50th), Adam Wellen(51st) and Evan Shelton(61st). This gave the Foxes a team score 233 after the individuals were taken out which was good enough for an 9th place finish out of 25 teams. The rest of the Foxes finishers in order were Trace Butler, Colin Meade, Keegan Johnson, Aaron Meade, Will Jones, Jack Aydt, Raegan Irwin, Ian Stover, Dylan Halley, Ben Irvin, Austin Stanley and Seth Davenport. Lots of Foxes runners ran well on the hot day.

The Foxes Medalists on the day were Maddie Karcher, Theron Smith, Kaden Richards and Hunter Braden.

The Foxes next meet will be at Harrisburg on Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. at SIC College.

Girls Team Results:

Teutopolis                 1                  91

Olney                          2                 103

Matton                       3                 106

Breese (Mater Dei)  4                 119

Lawrenceville            5                 125

Newton                       6                 128

Benton                          7                137

Effingham                    8                209

Carmi                            9                235

Hamilton County      10                239

Salem                           11                301

Dietrich                       12                310

Robinson                     13                312

Fairfield                      14                 324

Altamont                  NTS

Casey                        NTS

Centralia                  NTS

Flora                         NTS

Herrin                      NTS

Hutsonville             NTS

Mt. Carmel              NTS

North Clay               NTS

Mt. Vernon              NTS


Centralia                                   1              65

Benton                                       2             75

Olney                                          3             96

Robinson                                   4            131

Mt. Vernon                                5             157

Lawrenceville                            6             203

Breese (Mater Dei)                   7              208

Teutopolis                                  8              232

Hamilton County                      9              233

Herrin                                         10             236

Princeton Community             11             307

Effingham                                   12            359

Mattoon                                       13            366

Newton                                        14             426

Fairfield                                       15             429

Hutsonville                                  16             472

North Clay                                   17             476

Dietrich                                        18             477

Mt. Carmel                                  19             500

Salem                                           20            511

Altamont                                     21            542

Carmi                       NTS

Casey                        NTS

Flora                         NTS

Odin                          NTS