9/22/2018 – Freeburg Invitational

Freeburg Invitational (Smithton Park) – 9/22/2018



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Complete Results

9/22/2018 – Freeburg Invitational

In opposition of last weeks meet at Olney, today’s meet at Freeburg was chilly. It was 60 degrees at race time. This was the second year we have ever went to Freeburg. The Foxes had everyone on the team except for Theron Smith, Austin Stanley, Olivia Ragan, Jocelyn Moles and Kylee Vaughan. The Girls ran first and the team ended up finishing 10th out of 15 schools with full teams with Maddie Karcher winning a trophy for her 5th place finish on the day. There were 134 finishers in the girls race. The boys had no finishers in the top thirty and did not take home any medals, there were 177 total runners in the boys race. The Boys ended up in 8th place out of 20 full teams with Adam Wellen as the lead Fox.

In the girls race Maddie Karcher was first for the Foxes with a 5th place overall finish and a time of 18:56. Maddie came through in a dead heat with the number four runner and the number six runner. Caroline Lueke was second on the team with 48th place, Ashlee Wellen w 60th, and Raegan Halley had a 63rd place finish. The girls fifth runner on the day was Abby Reyling who ran 27:22 and a season best for herself. Ava Davenport finished in 95th and Ava Davenport in 97th. The Lady Foxes have a few wrinkles to iron out but should have it fixed shortly. The Lady Foxes finished with 265 points. There were 25+ teams in the race, but some of them did not have 5 or more runners.

In the Boys race at 9:45, the Foxes were able to run 10 varsity runners instead of the usual 7 runners. The Foxes runners took off quick, which is essential in a large race. Freeburg’s course is mostly a paved path which makes it a quick course. Finishing first for the Foxes was Adam “Money” Wellen with at 38th place finish in a time of 17:22. He was followed shortly behind by Hunter Braden 17:25, Kaden Richards, 17:36, and Evan Shelton  in 17:49. Trace Butler was the Foxes fifth man and finished in a time of 18:19. The next five Foxes Varsity runners on the day were Colin Meade, Keegan Johnson, Aaron Meade, Will Jones and Brady Thrane. The Foxes finished with 245 points.

In the Open race, Dylan Halley lead the Foxes with a season best performance and taking the 47th spot with a time of 20:40. There were 82 boys in the race. The other 5 Foxes running in the open had great times, and have constantly improved over the length of the season. The Foxes as a whole had a great showing but will have to improve to have any chance in the post season.

Lots of parents made the one hour and forty-five minute drive to Freeburg. It’s always great to see parents making the long trip to cheer on their children!

Girls Team Scores

  1. Waterloo                            42
  2. Breese (Mater Dei)           96
  3. DuQuoin                            100
  4. Triad                                   125
  5. Freeburg                            145
  6. Okawville                           156
  7. Althoff Catholic                181
  8. Roxana                               206
  9. Breese (Central)               254
  10. Hamilton County             265
  11. Salem                                  271
  12. Marissa                              341
  13. Dupo                                  344
  14. Columbia                           356
  15. Edwardsville (MEHLS)  439

Boys Team Scores

  1. Centralia                             66
  2. Triad                                    74
  3. Belleville East                    93
  4. Freeburg                             105
  5. Waterloo                             137
  6. Columbia                            155
  7. Breese (Mater Dei)           216
  8. Hamilton County              245
  9. DuQuoin                             252
  10. Roxana                                257
  11. Gibault Catholic                320
  12. Marissa                                346
  13. Althoff Catholic                  356
  14. Breese (Central)                 377
  15. Okawville                             389
  16. Dupo                                     460
  17. Salem                                    485
  18. First Baptist Academy       489
  19. Greenville                             525
  20. Metro East Lutheran          560