9/29/2018 – Carterville Invitational

Carterville Invitational (John A. Logan College)



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9/29/2018 – Carterville Invitational

Leaving at Six o’Clock in the morning last week made leaving at 8:00 today seem like a lot of extra time to sleep today. The schedule for the meet had the boys running at 10:00 a.m., the girls at 10:30 a.m and the Open Race at 11:10. The boys had all 18 of their 18 runners ready to run and the girls had 9 out of 12 of their girls running. The girls finished 6th out of 15 teams (83 girls in the race) and the boys finished 1st out of 13 teams (74 boys in the race).

As the boys lined up in Box #12, the boys were in good spirit and ready to run, Evan mentioned his legs were tight. The Foxes started quickly and by the end of the 1st mile many things were evident. The Foxes were mostly running well, Evan Shelton was having a little bit of an off day but luckily the other Foxes runners picked up. Theron Smith took off fast and started moving up a lot faster than he had done in previous meets. He was in second place at the mile mark. Shortly behind Theron was Kaden, Hunter and Adam. Evan Shelton was a little sore and had to work extra hard to stay up. Evan has had a great season so far and I don’t see one off day causing him issues over the next few weeks. Hopefully, it will just fuel the fire. Trace Butler picked it up and helped the Foxes stay in the lead for the day. The Foxes ended up in the following order: Theron Smith 5th, Adam Wellen 6th, Kaden Richards 7th, Hunter Braden 8th, Trace Butler 26th, Evan Shelton 35th and Colin Meade in 41st. The Foxes took first place on the day with a team score of 52 points. The Foxes have a really strong team, but need to have top level performances for the championship races coming up.

The girls race started with the Ladies from Hamilton County starting in box #12. Today’s race had good competition in it with DuQuoin, Pinckneyville, Carterville, Nashville and Herrin. Maddie Karcher took off and headed to the top of the pack quickly moving into the top 3. Maddie kept pushing and finished in a time of 19:18 behind Massac County’s Ansley Bailey and DuQuoin’s Gabby Alongi. Maddie keeps working hard and doing great, this week along with some hard practices Maddie also had three days of Volleyball games. Next up for the Lady Foxes was Caroline Lueke (31st), Caroline’s legs were tight at the beginning of the race due to the dancing so much at the Homecoming dance last night, but she still pushed hard finishing just over 22 minutes for the race. Raegan Halley (38th) and Ashlee Wellen (41st) finished shortly behind her. Olivia Ragan rounded out the top five for the Foxes, finishing in 56th place. Jocelyn Moles finished closely behind her with at 60th place finish. Abby Reyling was the Lady Foxes’ 7th runner and she ran the whole race and turned in another good time. The Lady Foxes are really looking good and will hopefully continue to perform well throughout the rest of whats left of this season.

Next up was the open race and the Foxes were well represented with 11 boys and 2 girls running the race. The Foxes ended up putting three runners in the top five places in the following order: Keegan Johnson (2nd), Aaron Meade and Brady Thrane. Keegan took off fast an was in first place for about a mile and a half of the race. Leading a race can be hectic especially if it is one of your first times leading. The mind is always contemplating if you can keep going at the same pace, if the guy behind you will catch you, if you are still on the right path. Keegan did a great job and finished within site of the first place runner. After the top three runners, the following finished all runner great times and showing much (some very very much) improvement from the start of the season. The order of Foxes finishers were Jack Aydt, Will Jones, Raegan Irwin, Dylan Halley, Ben Irvin, Ian Stover, Austin Stanley and Seth Davenport. I could talk all day about all the runners and bring up all of the improvements they have made throughout the season, but for today I will quickly talk about Seth Davenport. Seth Davenport is not what most people would think of as a runner, in fact many people who see him would probably assume that he is a football player. Seth has an extreme amount of heart and always works hard at practice. Over the course of the season, Seth has went from running in the thirty minute range down to the 25 minute range and is steadily improving with each and every race. I’m super proud of all my runners and if anyone wants to hear more about any of them I could talk for hours. The girls who ran the open race were Maddi Jo Maxwell and Jennifer Redmon. Ava Davenport has been nursing a foot injury for a few day and decided to take the meet off.

The Foxes next meet will be on Wednesday October 3rd at Southeastern Illinois College in Harrisburg. Make the trip out and support the teams.

Girls Team Scores

  1. DuQuoin                           52
  2. Pinckneyville                   79
  3. Carterville                        99
  4. Nashville                         124
  5. Okawville                        152
  6. Hamilton County          169
  7. Marion                            195
  8. Fairfield                          203
  9. Murphysboro                 342
  10. Harrisburg                      375
  11. Goreville                          NTS
  12. Massac County               NTS
  13. Paducah Tilghman        NTS
  14. Cobden                             NTS
  15. Herrin                               NTS

Boys Team Scores

  1. Hamilton County        52
  2. Pinckneyville               89
  3. Herrin                           94
  4. DuQuoin                       97
  5. Carterville                    123
  6. Nashville                      124
  7. Fairfield                        175
  8. Paducah Tilghman     208
  9. Okawville                      212
  10. Goreville                       NTS
  11. Murphysboro               NTS
  12. Massac County            NTS
  13. Harrisburg                    NTS