The Foxes Cross Country teams competed at Edwardsville today in the MELHS Invitational. The athletes were not happy about having to leave at 6:00 in the morning but all of them made it to the bus with time to spare. At 9:30 in the morning it was about 80 degrees out. The Girls race was the first race starting at 9:30 for the Foxes.

Coming into the Girls Race, the girls were looking forward to competing against the huge amount of competitors. The Lady Foxes had 10 runners in the race. As the race started the Foxes Maddie Karcher got out to a good start and continued to work her way up through the pack.  Maddie was 5th place overall and one of the three Lady Foxes runners who received a medal, the top 125 finishers received medals. The other Foxes top 125 Finishers were fellow Sophomores Ashlee Wellen and Caroline Lueke. The girls all ran well and showed times that were close to if not better than the shorter easier Fairfield course they ran a few days before. The girls finished 11th out of 37 teams represented by the 278 finishers. The order of finish for the Lady Foxes was as follows: Maddie Karcher, Ashlee Wellen, Caroline Lueke, Olivia Ragan, Jocelyn Moles, Kylee Vaughan, Dacey Webb, Jordan Tinsley, Brooklyn Welch and Lenora Watt. The Lady Foxes are starting to pull things together and are looking to be very competitive in the conference this year.

The Boys Race started at 10:15 a.m. and the weather was starting to heat up, but was still much nicer than most of the previous years. The Foxes started 18 runners in the crowd of well over 366 starters. Quite a few of the Foxes got a good start and continued to move up over the course of the race. Evan Shelton took off fast and led the Foxes for a little bit, but then Theron Smith moved up to first place on the team. As the race was coming down towards the end Theron Smith was followed closely by Theron Smith. Theron Smith finished in 19:08.38 and Adam Wellen finished in 19:22.20. Within 1:40 seconds of Theron the Foxes Trace Butler 3rd on the team, Braydon Middendorf 4th on the team, Evan Shelton 5th on the team crossed the line in the top 125 finishers. This gave the Foxes five medalists for the day, which was identical as last year. Foxes runners Brady Thrane and Owen Braden rounded out the top seven for the Foxes. Brady was able to keep it together even though he was sick on the day. The rest of the Foxes 18 runners finished in the following order: Will Jones, Ian Stover, Wyatt Brown, Aaron Meade, Shawn Braden, Owen Shelton, Ben Irvin, Dylan Halley, Nathan Kaufman, Austin Stanley and Seth Davenport. The boys placed 12th out of 40 teams represented by the 366 finishers. The Foxes runners have a lot of talent and with a lot of hard work and determination they will have a chance to do well in the conference and also go deep into the post season.

The Foxes and Lady Foxes came away with 8 medals, 3 for the girls and 5 for the boys.

Medalist for the Foxes included Theron Smith, Adam Wellen, Trace Butler, Braydon Middendorf, Evan Shelton, Maddie Karcher, Ashlee Wellen and Caroline Lueke. The Foxes next race will be at 3:30 p.m. on 9/4/2019 at Norris City High School in Norris City Illinois, it  is a short drive and all of the runners run at the same time, so take the time and come support your Foxes Runners.

Girls Team Results

1   Mascoutah                                             83

2   Freeburg                                               112

3   Breese (Mater Dei)                              126

4   St. Teresa                                              144

5   Pinckneyville                                    214

6   Rochester                                               234

7   Stauton                                              251

8   Columbia                                             260

9   Althoff Catholic                                     260

10  Breese (Central)                                 270

11  Hamilton County Foxes           284

12  Okawville                                     311

13  Nashville                                                 315

14  St. Anthony                                      343

15  Sparta                                                 343

16  Carterville                                    379

17  Red Bud                                    414

18  Southwestern                                         443

19  Dupo                                                         488

20  Steeleville                            537

21  Murphysboro                                          605

Boys Team Results

1   Mascoutah                                            85

2   Father McGivney 116

3   Freeburg                                             132

4   Columbia                                              132

5   Rochester                                              165

6   Mater Dei    221

7   Principia                                               227

8   Christ Our Rock Lutheran                     250

9   St. Teresa                                           277

10  St. Anthony                               278

11  Pinckneyville 322

12  Hamilton County Foxes          326

13  Herrin                                     328

14  Steeleville                                                364

15  Wesclin                                     395

16  Calvary Lutheran                                    397

17  Marissa                                       423

18  Althoff Catholic                                     470

19  Carterville                 539

20  Alton Marquette                                     592

21  Nashville                                                  615

22  Sparta                          619

23  Okawville                                 636

24  Dupo                                                    651

25  Breese Central                                       674

26  East St. Louis                                            684

27  Red Bud                                                     689

28  Lutheran North    773

29  Murphysboro                                          784

30 First Baptist Academy 903