Hamilton County Invite

Hamilton County Invitational (Dolan Lake) – 10/10/2016




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10/10/2017 – Hamilton County Invitational

Multiple days of prep on a three mile course equates to a lot of miles, about 33 miles to be exact,  but they were all worth it to see our teams run in front of the home crowd.  A course with so much wooded area makes it tough to keep the course clear of branches and other obstructions. It is hard to count on Mother Nature especially on the day of the Hamilton County Invitational. In the four years that I have been the head coach, we have had rain on the day of the race twice and had rain for three days before one race causing us to have to cancel it. I’m looking into moving the invitational earlier in the season for next year. We also had help prepping the course from the Mike Lewis and his crew. Jackie Halley and the parents set up and operated a concession stand and did an amazing job. The River to River Runners Club came and timed the three races.  Olivia Soltanipanah helped do the scoring and Troy Rubenacker provided sound and music for the meet. Many of the athletes showed off their dance moves before and after the race. Lori Rubenacker took some amazing pictures of the races, showcasing the amazing trails of Dolan Lake. Tons of people came out cheer on the Foxes.  The rain broke for a period of 4 hours that allowed us to get the entire meet in without any rain fall, although it did pour on me on the way home, “luckily” I only had evertyhing in the back of my truck! The JV boys were up first,  varsity girls second and varsity boys third.

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