Hunter Braden wins the 2 Mile Run at Marion

The Hamilton County Track and Field Team competed for the second time this year at the Marion indoor facility. Last time the Foxes brought four athletes and this time they brought 10. The ten Foxes that took part in the race were Justin Kidder, Caden Stover, Jacob Mick, Jake Whipple, Trace Butler, Adam Wellen, Matt Rubenacker, Clancy Bond, Wyn Duran and Hunter Braden.

The field events started at 3:00 pm at the Health Education Center which is located behind the Football Field at the Marion High School. The indoor facility is phenomenal and makes me very envious.

In the field events, Jake Whipple and Justin Kidder took on the Long Jump. Jake got in some great jumps but could quite stay on the board. He ended up scratching on the three jumps with his last jump being missed by the smallest of margins. Justin Kidder set a personal best with a jump of 18′-3″. Wyn Duran and Clancy Bond took on the pole vault. Clancy couldn’t get deep in the pit and was unable to get the staring height of 8′-0″, Clancy usually gets 8′ without much problem and he will get much higher as the year progresses. Wyn Duran put another quality day of jumping in with his highest vault coming in at 11′-0″. Trace Butler was the Foxes lone Triple Jumper and finished with a jump of 30’+. Trace has been showing lots of potential in practice and will be a valuable asset to the team as the season progresses. Jake Whipple also participated in an impromptu High Jump session. Jake had not done High Jump in almost two years and did very well, in his Jordan’s, getting 5′-4″ and just missing 5′-6″.

The running events started up at 5:30, only an hour later than it was suppose to, due to the Pole Vault taking extra long to complete. The first running event was the 3200m (2mile) Run. Hunter Braden has improved his time from last year on every meet this year and was looking to do it again. Hunter ran a strong race and put in a great effort to come out with a first place finish and took thirteen seconds off his best time. Hunter finished with a time of 10:43 and was the Foxes only “Champion” for the day. The Foxes entered three into the 60m and each one did really well. Justin Kidder ran a time of 8.09, Jacob Mick posted a time of 8.27 and Caden Stover put up a time of 7.97. In the 800m , Matt Rubenacker put in a valiant performance posting a time of just over 2:10. Matt always runs his hardest and you can definitely tell it. Matt is usually spent by the time he has finished the race. As soon as he finished doing the 800m, he had to turn around and do the 400m. In the 400m Matt and Caden Stover were in the same heat. Matt took off really fast, but due to a lack of rest he ran out of gas with a half lat to go. Caden Stover posted a speedy time of 57 seconds for the 400 and ended up placing 4th.

Adam”Money” Wellen was next up in the 1600m run, in his first race of the season. Adam took off, running the first lap of the mile in 30 seconds, Adam continued to battle with a Steeleville run and ended up coming up second in his heat with a time of 5:28. In the Foxes final race of the day, the Foxes entered there people in the 200m run. Jason Mick was first up, but before he could finish the race, the meet official called everyone back. The clock didn’t start timing and so they had to redo the race, fortunately they would be able to wait until the last heat to retry it. Up next was Trace Butler who ran 27 seconds, he was followed by Jake Whipple who finished third overall with a time of 24 seconds. After the fastest heat, Jacob Mick had a chance to rerun his race. Mick went out and ran a 27 second 200m, this was a very good time considering he almost ran it twice in such a short time frame.

All in all, the Foxes had a good day, and have a few specifically areas to focus on during the next few weeks of practice. The Foxes finished the meet in 7th place out of 10 teams with a score of 27.  Full results are here.

The next track meet is March 20th at West Frankfort and is a Co-Ed meet.